Special Occasion Songs.

There is a song for every special occasion.
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Here's how it works.

You will be asked to write about the person you want to present the gift to; for instance lets say your the groom wanting to give a special gift to your future bride, you might write about how you met, how this person has changed your life, a special time or memory shared only by you or simply just how much you love them. You then supply me with the words via e-mail, mail or fax along with a little direction as to what music style you may like to accompany these words. I then put your words to an original melody, arrange the song in the style that you requested and record it in my 24 track studio. A copy of the song is then sent to you for approval. Following approval I will ask for any additional words you may like to be printed on the CD that will be presented to your future and relatives, I then perform a final mix of the song, master the music ready for CD duplication, burn and print your CD's ready for your presentation.

"Framed Manuscript of Special Occasion Songs".

What a beautiful gift that will last a lifetime and be seen daily. Once the song or piece is completed I hand-write on aged music manuscript paper the top-line melody and words of the song, I also include a special message to the receiver of the gift, (words supplied by you ) , the manuscript is then mounted along with the cd into a picture frame normally on a velvet background to add class and presentation value, this gift can be gift wrapped prior to the event and delivered with flowers, various frames are available.

"Live performance of Special Occasion Songs".

A live performance of the Special Song can be arranged , along with other covers songs that can be performed at the special event, I perform as a solo artist, as a duo, or with my full 4 piece band, depending on the event and musical requirements.

If you would like to talk about your special event please E-mail me or call 1-800-231-6135







Every event is very personal, special and unique to me, be it the grooms request for a song to be written for his new bride, or a birthday, anniversary or otherwise.
Every moment we spend on this earth has it special memories that are never forgotten, I put these moments to music, and if requested will also perform the song live at the event, or "if you have the voice", I will supply you with a backing track of the music.
I also offer a handwritten
manuscript with the words, top-line notation and a CD, framed in gold or silver as a memorial of the event.

Jon with new baby Ruby.
The Dunmore family.


MP3 Samples.

There's nothing I wouldn't do.
I believe in love.
I'll do anything for you.
Hold on one more time
Secret love.
Amazing grace.
Your the closest thing to Heaven.
We are the lucky ones.




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