Psalm 33:3 Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise

Gospel outreach music ministry

New CD - 7 Seals

•Contemporary rock/pop, acoustic & blues
•Interactive Children’s music ministry
•Bass & drum workshop
•Songwriting workshop
•Vocal workshop

Godcha is a Contemporary Gospel outreach music ministry consisting of: -
Vocals/guitar/vocal workshops – Jon Dunmore Sinclair
•Bass/vocals/bass/drum workshops & childrens ministry – Noah Heckman jnr
•Vocals/guitar – Laura Dunmore Sinclair
•Drums/percussion/vocals – Rob Van Ouwerkerk

• Pop contemporary original and popular gospel songs.
•Blues, Godcha ministers the word through blues based music.
•Unplugged featured intertwined acoustical instruments and vocal harmony

Brief history:

•GODcha was founded by British worship singer Jon Dunmore, Jon spent the last 6 years as worship leader for Calvary Chapel Camarillo. Jon has 5 CD’s released globally, was ex singer with NightRanger members (hit single “Sister Christian” ).
Jon is also a professional songwriter and renown vocal coach, (

Noteable events:
JD & Godcha, Inaugoration service, Chuck Smith Calvary Chapel Camarillo , •The Lamb Jam with Cheri Keagy & Bryan Duncan,
CMA mid state ralley, •JD, House Of Blues Chicago, House Of Blues New Orleans.
Songs: (mp3)
Full versions
Raise the Praise
Nov 13th- MP3's
Original chords/lyrics
Schedule/Set list/Stage plot
E-mail - Godcha Ministries, POB 4694, Valley Village, CA 91617